Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sin Nombre (2009)

Director: Cary Fukunaga
Writer:    Cary Fukunaga
Cast:       Paulina Gaitan, Marco Antonio Aguirre, Leonardo Alonso
Language: Spanish

An Honduran teenager Sayra is making a trip to cross the US border through Mexico on a train along with her father, and her fate gets mixed up with a gangster boy who is marked to die.

This is Director/Cinematographer Cary Fukunaga's feature film debut and I decided to watch it after discovering him through HBO's 'True Detective' which is amazing by the way. It is an adventure road/rail film done in a gritty manner capturing the harrowing experience of illegals trying to reach the US. It is shot beautifully without compromising the situation it is depicting. The performances of main characters are very understated and it is a very good watch. The initial half hour of the film where they show the initiation of a boy into the gang with shitty hand gestures was a bit iffy. 

Rating: 3.5/5