Thursday, February 20, 2014

L'amico di famiglia (The Family Friend) (2006)

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer:    Paolo Sorrentino
Cast:       Giacomo Rizzo, Laura Chiatti, Luigi Angelillo
Language: Italian

Geremia 'Kind of Heart' De Geremei is a sleazy moneylender who lives in a shabby house with his bedridden mother. He can do psychoanalysis on his customers based on his knowledge from reading 'Readers Digest' and believes goodies die young. He falls in love with a girl whose marriage he funds.

It is another great film from Paolo Sorrentino who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite film directors. He can make the mundane look stylish with thumping music and great camerawork. The film ends along predictable lines when Geremia forgets his risk management rules but it is a great watch. 

Rating: 4/5