Wednesday, February 19, 2014

High Fidelity (2000)

Director: Stephen Frears
Writers:  Nick Hornby, D.V. DeVincentis, Steve Pink, John Cusack, Scott Rosenberg
Cast:       John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, Jack Black

Rob, a record store owner who is fond of listing out his top fives on everything, recounts his top five breakups including the one in progress.

It is an adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel with the same name but location shifted to Chicago in stead of London. I have been meaning to read this, having bought a second hand one, but didn't get to it. Decided to watch the film after seeing Frears' 'Philomena' recently. The film is full of clever dialogs driven through narration and even has Bruce Springsteen making a cameo appearance. Performance by John Cusack is really good as he is totally immersed into the role as a snob who is not all that into what others feel even as he struggles to understand why he always ends up getting dumped. After recounting his top five breakups he proceeds to call each one of them up in a 'What does it all mean?' quest as Charlie, the number four, puts it. 

The film is predictable as romatic comedies go, with them getting back together again but the whole point is what happens between the beginning and end. It   is a very good watch but I would have liked it to be set in London itself.

Rating: 3.5/5