Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Wedding (2016)

Director: Omar
Writer:   Simu Siddharth
Cast:        Siju Wilson, Sharaffudeen, Soubin Shahir
Language: Malayalam

Siju Wilson plays the role of a boy whose marriage is getting arranged by his mother even as he is trying to propose to a colleague of his. He has got his cousin, played by Sharaffudeen, in what is essentially a 'Kozhi' role for company. I don't know if there is an English word that rightly translates this slang word from Malayalam and flirt is not the correct word for it. Best way to describe would be he is replaying his role from Premam. Anyway, they meet a character, played by Soubin, who describes himself as a motivational speaker. Then the film jumps through different timelines as it goes through protagonist's college life, love interests etc.

The film follows the easy to do skit pattern of comedy without giving much thought to making much narrative sense. The nature of comedy is very hit and miss and there are plenty of them which uses double meaning. I can't fault the film for that as it is not masquerading itself as a family movie. Sharaffudeen is basically the one who is carrying the film and like the film itself, he is also not very consistent in terms of delivering. Soubin Shahir is someone who has not so far delivered a very under par performance  and in this film he comes quite close to it.

The film came without any hype and a very limited release even though it was backed by Eros international. Its main USP was the Premam connection with many supporting actors from that film featuring in this one. It has gone on to become a sleeper hit after getting more screens from second week onwards. Considering the budget and the fact that it won't make you want to run out from the cinema hall, it is a watchable film. Its success without any star power and fanfare is also encouraging considering the fact that some off-beat independent small films like Ozhivudivsathe Kali and Lens are set for release next week. Hopefully the success is not limited to leave your brains out kind of comedy films.

Rating: 2/5