Monday, June 13, 2016

ആദാമിന്റെ വാരിയെല്ല് (Aadaminte Vaariyellu) (1983)

Director: K.G. George
Writers:  Kallikkad Ramachandran, K.G. George
Cast: Sreevidhya, Suhasini, Soorya
Language: Malayalam

The film is broadly about the plight of women in our patriarchal society and is told based on the lives of three women from three different economic strata of the society.

I generally abhor clichés in films as they basically pander to the laziness of the audience in engaging their minds. It is especially sinful when used as a tool to mask lazy and poor making. K.G. George is someone who revels in using clichés and running with it. His films generally include characters who are exaggerated versions of these clichés and he uses them to do social commentary and criticism.

Aadaminte Vaariyellu is no different in the above sense. Sreevidhya plays the role of a rich Christian woman who is club going, alcoholic and a bit loose. Suhasini plays the role of a middle class office going woman who is abused emotionally by her mother-in-law and physically by her drunk husband. The third leading lady of the film is the poor and young domestic help in Sreevidhya's house who is exploited by her master. The film basically shows that no matter which economic or social strata that one belongs to, you're screwed if you happen to belong to the female gender. The title of the film translates as Adam's Ribs and refers to the biblical story of God creating the first woman from Adam's ribs as an afterthought.

I think this one is K.G. George's best film out of what I've seen of his and it comfortably sails into my top 5 Malayalam films of all time list, if I were to make one. The closing sequence of the film where it shows various women from a rescue home staring at the cameras in a glazed manner will certainly well you up. What happens after that is glorious with what must have been the introduction of breaking the fourth wall into Malayalam cinema. I do remember seeing that in a documentary about K.G. George ages ago. The moment that I realised that was that was very cathartic indeed.

Rating: 5/5