Sunday, March 1, 2015

House of Cards (TV Series-Season 3) (2015)

Creator: Beau Willimon
Cast:      Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Kelly

The third season of 'House Of Cards' follow the Underwood power couple, having become the POTUS & FLOTUS at the end of second season, trying to get things going on the policy front deflecting enemies from their own party, the congress which is stalling them and some geopolitical troubles from the cold war enemy Russia. This season is much more about them looking inwards into their relationship itself rather than it being about them confronting their 'enemies' like in previous seasons. 

So, that is me finishing the whole season within twenty four hours from starting it, and I need some fucking sleep. But Liverpool-Man City game starts around 90 minutes from now and I guess I won't get much sleep after that if Liverpool ends up not losing, and if they indeed do I would have to cry myself to sleep. I digress...The second season ended with Francis achieving his goal of being the President and that was a logical end point for the show with the iconic line: 'Democracy is so overrated'. Well, they didn't stop there and we have got a third season which won't definitely be the last considering how it ended.

Another big question was the fate of Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), one of my favorite characters from the series, who was fatally wounded at the end of season two. He survives and his is a major plot-line this season, much of it away from Francis Underwood during his recovery. Another major character is Petrov, the very Putin like Russian President, a worthy nemesis for the Underwoods. What is great is that he is portrayed as a complex character which wouldn't do Putin any harm in terms of perception. Even the Pussy Riot band makes an appearance during a state visit and one of their songs feature in an episode's end credits. The main things that Underwood is trying to achieve in terms of his legacy as President is some resolution in Israel-Palestine crisis by deploying a UN Peace keeping force in Jordan Valley and introduction of America Works program, which aims to cut social security spending and divert that money to create jobs for unemployed. Both these sound and are ludicrous when you think about it but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the show. Claire Underwood is feeling left out in the whole white house shindig and wants to secure her own future by becoming the UN ambassador, just in case Francis don't win the 2016 Presidential nomination. All these kind of end with disastrous consequences for them but still Francis try to win the nomination. 

Overall it is a typical HoC season-at times ridiculous but very much an enjoyable watch nevertheless. I do think it is the least enjoyable of all the three seasons and I don't care whether they proceed to make another season of it. If they do I will end up watching it mind. David Fincher didn't direct any of the episodes and Robin Wright directed two of them. I have read some people complaining about Claire's actions in this season not keeping in with the character from previous seasons. I don't particularly agree since the whole affair about motherhood, abortion, rape etc suggested that she can indeed be impulsive sometimes. Anyway it is only fair that they would undergo some change after achieving what they set out to do. Meechum doesn't have much to do this season and I thought that Seth Greyson would play a much bigger role this season in terms of strategy. At least they didn't go with a cliched route of tensions between the underlings. Season can be summed up by common theme of all of the major characters facing an existential crisis, except for Francis Underwood of course.

Rating: 3/5