Friday, January 2, 2015

Vi är bäst! (We Are the Best!) (2013)

Director: Lukas Moodysson
Writers:  Lukas Moodysson, Coco Moodysson
Cast:       Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin, Liv LeMoyne
Language: Swedish

Three girls in 1980s Stockholm decide to form a punk band despite not having any instruments and being told by everyone that Punk is dead. 

The three 13 year old girls in the film feel alienated in their surroundings. Two of them are best friends who think all music other than punk are commercial shit. They are not any good with the instruments and befriend the third girl who is good with the guitar. She is from a Christian conservative family and that can be a reason for you to feel odd in Scandinavian parts of the World. The other two girls plan to make her rebel against Christianity along the way and the song that they write depicts the hatred that they feel toward Sports when there are more pressing issues in the World to worry about. I find school going kids to be the most annoying among humans and since the film is going for realism, I found it to be boring at times. That is not a criticism since it is essentially what the film is going for. Most films that have such aged kids as protagonists will have a story about troubled ones. This film doesn't go that cliched path since they are from a normal background and don't have much of a cause to rebel against. Nothing drastic happens over the course of the film and it is just teenage kids doing mundane teenage stuff.

Overall it is a very good watch and it gets better progressively as we realize what they are trying to do. It was really good to see a plot-less teenage drifter kind of film. 

Rating: 3.5/5