Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gitarrmongot (The Guitar Mongoloid) (2004)

Director: Ruben Östlund
Writer:    Ruben Östlund
Cast:       Mikael Allu, Bjarne Gunnarsson, Erik Gustafsson
Language: Swedish

The film marked the feature film debut for Swedish director Ruben Östlund and it is about different people living outside the norms in the fictional city Joteborg which not much different from real-life city of Goteborg. Even though it is not a documentary, most of the people seen in the film are non-actors more or less playing themselves.

Östlund has directed four feature lengths film so far and I found the other three to be great. So I watched this with pretty good expectations and was really disappointed with it. I found it totally uninteresting. The film is supposed to be a criticism against the boredom of normal Swedish films and all I did watching it was getting bored. I think it is more of a case of making a mockery of the audience which is suggested by the last scene. The boy in it connects several bin bags filled with air and let it fly from a cliff. As it passes over the streets,  several onlookers speculate on what it is with some suggesting it could be an advertisement or some sort of weather balloon. It kind of disrupts their otherwise normal looking day for just a few seconds. Maybe Östlund is speculating that viewers of the film would give more meaning than it deserves to make their time watching it worthwhile, when in fact it is just a waste-filled bin bag of a film.

Östlund trademark like long takes using static camera is already present in the film which shouldn't surprising since he already had considerable experience as director of skiing videos.Overall it is one to avoid but people might want to watch it if they are fans of his other works like I am.

Rating: 1/5