Sunday, January 8, 2017

God Say (2017)

Directors: Sherrey, Shyju Govindan 
Writers: Santosh Manikoth, E.P. Dineshan Nambiar
DOP: Jaleel Badusha
Cast: Vinay Forrt, Joy Mathew, Mythily, Indrans
Language: Malayalam 

Vinay Forrt plays the role of the protagonist who is alcoholic and works as an announcer for All India Radio. When the guy who does the 'Gandhi Maargam' show retires, he is assigned to take over the programme. Gandhi starts influencing the poor chap and that is how the story progresses.

The film begins with a heavy dose of Aakshavaani and Padmarajan nostalgia during its opening credits and once again reinforces my claim that 'Season' is the coolest film of his. Solomon and Mannarathudiyil Jayakrishnan from 'Namukku Parkkan Muthirithoppukal' and 'Thoovanathumbikal', respectively, where both high on cool quotient but the style of narration from Mohanlal in 'Season' is just something else. Heavily getting digressed here, God Say is set in early 90s in and around Rajiv Gandhi's death and India's economic liberalisation.
Gandhiji's philosophies haven't stood the test of times, be it in the economic sphere or the social one. As the film focuses mainly on the economic realm with a mix of Gandhi and communism, it is not that interesting if you don't much have time for both of these. One could enjoy it as a satire but I don't really think they were really going for that. Maybe if they had focused more on the social angle, with a juxtaposition with the current regime which can be described as Godse worshippers, it might have been more interesting.

It is a typical Malayalam art movie, struggling with its pacing and with heavy drama influence on its scripting and delivery. There is also an extreme lack of subtlety to the whole procedure. But the visuals are sumptuous. Vinay Forrt is getting quite typecast these days and you are reaching a point where you can't differentiate the character from the actor.

PS: This was my first movie going experience after the ridiculous Supreme Court ruling which made it mandatory for theatres to play national anthem ahead of screening. I am not intending to follow it and was quite up for sitting through it as a mark of protest. Turns out, there was only one other guy watching this film. As the anthem began, I sat there and glanced behind to find that he was also sitting through it. Ho-hum. That was as anticlimactic as the film that I was about to watch.

Rating: 2/5