Saturday, July 9, 2016

അനുരാഗ കരിക്കിൻവെള്ളം (Anuraga Karikkinvellam) (2016)

Director: Khalid Brahman
Writer:    Naveen Bhaskar
Cinematographer: Jimshi Khalid
Cast: Biju Menon, Asif Ali, Rejisha Vijayan, Asha Sharathum
Language: Malayalam

Ravi's (Biju Menon) is a family of four whose members all kind of live in their own worlds. It is a typical middle class urban family with a loveless marriage and a directionless son (Asif Ali). The son, Abhilash, is trying to get rid of his girlfriend from college who has become a nuisance for him. Meanwhile his father, a rough and tough cop by profession, is reinvigorated when he sees his old love from a distance without a means to contact her. The film proceeds from there.

It is really hard to write a synopsis for the film. Most of whatever we see in terms of plot related things has been done in other films but the overall treatment makes it different. It goes for realism in terms of the way the characters interact and the dynamic camera and the sync sound manages to capture the environment very well during the outdoor scenes. It is technically excellent and I didn't feel like I was watching it on an inferior screen, which it really was. Its excellent posters reminded me of the freshness that we associated with the posters of Salt n Pepper, which also starred Asif Ali in a not too dissimilar role. Come to think of it, both films have a very similar plot.

The relationship between Abhilash and his girlfriend Elizabeth, played excellently by the newcomer Rejisha, is quite fresh in terms of their dynamic and whenever something similar has been done before, they usually do it by dumbing down the girl character. Thankfully, that is not the case here. The supporting characters are established in a matter of fact way without feeling the need to do it over a  song or skit like comedy sequences. The first half of the film is excellent.

The second half becomes bit of a drag before picking up pace for its climax, which is wonderfully anti-climatic. It gets there through the clichéd reformation route mind. Soubin Shahir is bit of a hit and miss and it is the other supporting characters that are surprisingly good. Biju Menon- Sudheer Karamana work colleagues combo also didn't work very well. Overall, it is a good watch and a clean entertainer and an assured debut for Khalid Rahman.

Rating:  3/5