Saturday, November 14, 2015

Seconds (2014)

Director: Aneesh Upasana
Writer:   Aneesh Upasana
Cast:      Jayasurya, Vinay Forrt, Aparna Nair, Vinayakan
Language: Malayalam

The film is a multi-narrative, told in a non-linear format, which revolves around a murder that happens in the elevator of a city apartment. Four unrelated persons of which one was a ruffian was in the lift; two were left seriously injured and one dead. 

Film was recommended to me by a friend, whose taste doesn't always match with me, and this one proved to be a bad suggestion. To be fair, the first half of the film is quite good when it follows the lives of characters leading up to the incident in the lift. One of them is from middle class background, while two others can be classed as from lower middle class. The last one is a from the lowest rung of the society. Their life is portrayed quite well with good humor. But the second half of the film is ludicrously bad with a very convoluted plot. It is not that just the plot is bad, but the way expositions are done is in the too bad it is good category (Salim Kumar character). 

So, it is a film of two halves with a very watchable first half and a stinking latter half. It does have a very low-budget feel in terms of production quality but it kind of suits the story though. It seems the story was written, starting from the central incident, and they just tried to make it as contrived as they possibly could. There are several clever mis-directions but the ending is just too ludicrous and laughable. Why would an assassin plan such a convoluted method to kill someone when there are more things that can go wrong than right. 

Rating: 1.5/5