Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gangster (2014)

Director: Aashiq Abu
Writer:    Ahamed Siddique
Cast:       Mammootty, Sekhar Menon, John Paul
Language: Malayalam

Akbar (Mammootty) is a powerful figure of Mangalore underworld who got an understanding and shares profits with Mani Menon (Kunchan) and Uncle Sam (John Paul), two other prominent gangsters ruling the city. The city remains calm under them, until Anto (Sekhar Menon), grandson of Uncle Sam comes up with a new business proposal which Akbar refuses to be a part of. War breaks loose. 

Gangster is a film which makes 'Sagar Alias Jackey: Reloaded' look like 'Godfather'. And SAJ: Reloaded was an average film that made 'Big B' look like 'Godfather'. The only good thing about Gangster is the fifteen seconds or so of Sorrentino's 'The Great Beauty' that we get to see on Akbar's laptop. The film begins with a quite well done animated sequence (Kill Bill style) explaining Akbar's background and his rise in gangster world. Whatever good that is achieved by the animation is spoiled by the pathetic narration. It is then followed by the opening credits which is also quite good. Then it is downhill from there. Like all mafia films, it also contains some cringy references to Godfather. Characters like Akbar's girlfriend/wife are airdropped to be disposed off quickly to serve as a plot point only. The dialogues are so poorly written that the actors themselves look uncomfortable delivering it, especially Mammootty. It is so poor that I think I would've enjoyed it more if all the narration and talking parts were taken out. 

The film is technically quite good but the flip side of that is Aashiq Abu seems to have forgotten the hard part of creating characters that we give two shits about or a semi-interesting plot. He tries in vain to recreate the Big B's Bilal character in terms of mannerisms and style but what he ends up with is a 'Pavanai' version. Film ends with the following line delivered by Akbar: 'I will kill you in such a way that you will always remember your death'...Err, what? WTF!!!

Rating: 0.5/5