Saturday, June 14, 2014

Diamond Necklace (2012)

Director: Lal Jose
Writer:    Ikbal Kuttipuram
Cast:       Fahadh Faasil, Anusree, Gauthami Nair

A happy go lucky Malayalee doctor in Dubai runs into financial difficulties because of his lifestyle and is forced to make some compromising choices regarding important life matters.

I have always found Lal Jose to be a very overrated director and this film didn't change my opinion one bit. He is supposed to be going on a road trip from Kochi to London after the completion of his next film. Well lets hope he can make a good travel documentary about it unlike the shitty feature films that he makes. 'Diamond Necklace' was a good opportunity for him to break the mould but he again falls back on cheap melodrama and moralisation. With the infidelities and questionable decisions made by the main character, played by Fahad Faasil, instead of going for something really fresh he goes for sending out a message. The cliched hard working humble Gulf Malayalee is also there with the character played by Sreenivasan who is the mouthpiece for the messgae that writer/director wants to send out. It is not that the themes like infidelity have never been handled by Malayalam cinema in a mature manner. I can think of 'Pavakoothu' (Renjith's) which came in the 90s. The main protagonist committing a crime, several twist and turns later, everything ending well is also a very common and tiresome plot device in Malayalam films. 

The high point of the film is the marriage situation of Arun and Kalamandalam Rajashree providing some genuine laugh out loud moments. There also they could have ended the film on a better note if they had used the comic moment at the end of the film. 

One another thing is that diamonds are not really worth very much once it is second hand. It is a material whose price is artificially propped up by the cartel controlling its supply. It is very hard to get value by selling diamonds. And also if it was that valuable, he would have got the nurse arrested for not declaring valuable items at the airport. Joy Alukkas product placement was fine until the owner decided to turn up giving us a cringefest that would have made 'Nerairyan CBI' proud.

Rating: 2/5