Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mallrats (1995)

Director: Kevin Smith
Writer:    Kevin Smith
Cast:       Jeremy London, Jason Lee, Shannen Doherty, Jason Mewes

Two friends are dumped by their respective girlfriends on the same day.  Both of them are man-childs with more time dedicated to comic books and Sega than their girlfriends. One of them think his girlfriend dumped him because he farted when she was going down on him. Miffed by the actions of their girlfriends they decide to hit their local mall.

Kevin Smith managed to get studio funding for this film after the success of his debut independent film 'Clerks'. Film received much derision upon its release due to unfair comparisons with Clerks. Since then it has achieved a cult following. For me it is great watch especially the first one hour. The scene with comic books legend Stan Lee playing himself and the last TV show scenes were bit drawn out. I am not a comic books fan/ follower but still the jokes are very enjoyable. The opening credits are laden with strips from pornographic spoofs of famous comic books. Kevin Smith's characteristic references to Star Wars, Jaws etc are strewn all over and Jay and Silent Bob have an extended cameo. The protagonists engages in intellectual discussions like whether Lois Lane will be able to carry Superman's kids and have their fortunes told by a topless Russian fortune teller who has an extra bodily part. The sarcastic references to American consumerism and danger that kids face in mall escalators are hilarious.

I saw the 95 minutes version of the film and have not yet got my hands on the extended 125 minutes version which was released on the 10th anniversary of the film. Since I felt this one was already a bit dragging, not watching the extended version might be a good idea.

Rating: 4/5