Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simon Killer (2012)

Director: Antonio Campos
Writers:  Antonio Campos, Brady Corbet, Mati Diop
Cast:       Brady Corbet, Mati Diop, Constance Roussseau
Language: English, French

A recent college graduate flees to Paris after a painful break-up, where his involvement with a prostitute from middle eastern background reveal the potential darkness of his character and his past.

Film is very well made capturing Paris nightlife with a great soundtrack. The performances are very good and Brady Corbet manages to portray the title role of a thoroughly unlikeable guy quite well. It is I guess a very realistic portrayal of a messed up human being without having him do much violence. He manages to bring emotional/physical harm to all those who comes in contact with him out of some sort of sympathy. But I cannot really say the film manages to reach a level of greatness. It is a good one-time watch.

Rating: 3/5